Robert W. Cox
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Robert W. Cox
Business Manager

Robert (Rob) Cox serves as Business Manager for Ion/Apex Electric.

As Business Manager, Cox handles the day-to-day financial management of the company, including its financial reporting and transparency standards. He handles multiple corporate areas including cash flow management, investor relations, long-range planning, as well as corporate and strategic development. By analyzing and forecasting Ion/Apex’s sales, productivity, purchasing, payroll, job costing, and invoicing, Cox is able to provide critical management data. He works with the rest of the management team to formulate policies, plan for resource allocation, and set overall strategies.

Before joining Ion/Apex, Cox was the business manager for a private country club. He had a history of continually creating and increasing revenue and profits in the service industry. Cox joined Ion/Apex because he could see, and was intrigued by, the complexities and growth potential in the construction industry. Cox states, “… the revenue increases of any industry are the natural result of working to take care of the customer and the employee.”

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