Every company has a story, we decided to make history.

What sets Ion/Apex apart from their competition are the beliefs on which it was built and the individuals on our team. Ion/Apex was founded after the financial meltdown of 2008 and during the fallout in 2009. Newsweek declared this period as, "the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression." The downturn had claimed Washington Mutual, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Fannie and Freddie, and many other banks as causalities. While stock markets around the world plummeted and construction spending stopped, we launched Ion/Apex.

Traditionally the construction industry is the first to feel the impact of a financial downturn and the last to recover. In 2008-2009 lending institutions were suffering at levels unknown to the general public. Construction loans had dwindled to a stop as banks tried to disassociate themselves from toxic assets. With no loans to maintain cash flow, and property related assets declining in value, many developers found themselves overextended and in trouble. Construction profit margins plummeted to negative levels and once viable construction related companies found themselves facing severe financial crisis.

As unemployment rates soared, a large number of "top notch" journeymen electricians found themselves out of work. Individuals who always took pride in their craft had to go home and tell their families that no work was available. Those who could find work were forced to take pay cuts and forfeit benefits.

Many of these individuals were personal friends of Ion/Apex's founder and CEO, Jeff Kennedy. Challenged by the financial elements, concerned by the needs of friends and colleagues, and intrigued by the results of a study performed by Douglas Kruse and Joseph Blasi of Rutgers University, Mr. Kennedy decided to move forward with Ion/Apex.

The decision to face these tough financial challenges was made based on the belief in the spirit and commitment of the individuals who make up the Ion/Apex team. Something amazing began to happen after the declaration of commitment and faith. Associates, friends, and colleagues began to step forward offering advice, assistance, and opportunities. General Contractors offered projects and help by insuring credit lines for material. Vendors willingly opened accounts and some of the best craftsmen and managers in the electrical trade pledged their support to the effort and company.

When asked, "Why do people believe in Ion/Apex?" Jeff Kennedy responded, "We hope it’s because we’re caring professionals committed to ensuring our clients’ goals are met, while treating all project partners and employees with dignity and respect. May we never forget our origins."

Welcome to the Ion/Apex website. When choosing an electrical contractor for your next project, please allow our employee-owners to illustrate the benefits of the Ion/Apex experience.

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