The toughest times form the toughest companies.

You may question why use Ion/Apex Electric? Why join the Ion/Apex team? Or what does an electrical contracting firm know about business, relationships, management, and strategy. What does a company founded in the middle of worse recession in the last 80 years “bring to the table”?

We would tell you "more than most!"

It truly is the toughest times that form the toughest companies. We faced those challenges with hard work, conviction, faith, team work and with a belief in our core values and relationships. Today these elements run deep in every last one of us. It became who we are; it became our story; our company philosophy. Who we are has as more to do about from where we came, then what we do.

You will see our story throughout this website. Our commitment to our employees can be illustrated through our commitment to career development, training, and the Ion/Apex Cooperative. Our commitment to craftsmanship and quality should be reflected in the project images used throughout the website. Our commitment to safety can be seen by our OSHA 30 certifications, EMR, and who we hired as our Safety Director. And our belief in relationships can be measured by who we surround ourselves with and with whom we form strategic reliances.

We believe in six core values:


We will conduct ourselves in like manner. Our actions and decisions will bear evidence of trust, credibility, and integrity. We will respect and uphold the dignity of each individual and our company.

We are committed to the well-being of our families, fellow employees, company, and projects. We will successfully finish the project, fulfill the commitment, and overcome the challenges laid before us.

Our work will reflect the quality of a true craftsman. We are, or will become, masters of the skills required by our duties. We will honor, appreciate and pay tribute to our personal and combined talents. However, personal pride and confidence will never beget arrogance.

We will always perform in a safe and professional manner, with an understanding that safety is a personal commitment to ourselves, our families and to each other.

Our greatest assets are relationships with customers, strategic partners and each other. We understand these relationships are founded and forged on trust, and will always strive to strengthen these relationships through our words and actions.

We realize that profitability is critical for a stable company. We will strive to always perform in a manner that optimizes our profit while maintaining our core values.

We are craftsmen. We are one. We are Ion/Apex.

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