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We have a unique group of individuals who blend the skills of cell tower installations, bridge maintenance, rigging, climbing, rescue, haul systems, Comtrain and AMGA training with that of OSHA, and industrial electrical technical and safety standards.

This is a very unique group of "close-knit" professional teams with very specialized training, who assess and negate the exposure by establishing dependable and redundant safety systems. Exposed Structures include:

  • Bridges
  • Cell Towers
  • Construction Sites
  • Arena and Venues Lighting and Equipment
  • Tall Structures

Safety is only part of the equation. Once the team or individuals are safely in place, performing the tasks requires a tremendous amount of technical expertise. These teams are trained and skilled in electrical, telecommunication, antenna, bridge, data, RF, fiber, coax installations and maintenance. Our tiger and installation teams are also experienced with the operational procedures and systems associated with the major carriers, owners, and tower managers.

As one of the nation’s only “tower teams” to have its own 300’ free standing tower, used exclusively for in house training, Ion/Apex Electric has a unique advantage, the means, and the resources, to provide the trained manpower to address the needs of the communication industry.

If you are planning a project, or need help in any way, please contact us.

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