We still rack our pipe. Our EMT couplings still match and we "install" MC, we don't "sling it."

We understand the pressures of a fast track commercial project. Bringing quality, creativity, and order to the electrical portion of the commercial construction process is our expertise. It is through the experiences of our journeyman craftsmen, project managers, and design teams that we find our efficiencies. Overlay this experience with technology such as AutoCAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM), and quality and performance becomes intertwined.

However, the real key to maximizing the benefits of this expertise and construction technology is to minimize the number of times information is transferred before correct decisions are made. Selecting the right trained decision makers, equipping them with the appropriate training and technology, and keeping these resources in the field (directly associated with the project) allows Ion/Apex to:

  • Reduce overall overhead cost.
  • Refine the decision making process.
  • Enable the "field" to make prompt and correct decisions.
  • Minimize the confusion associated with information transfers.
  • Establish an essential paper trail for construction documentation.

The benefits of this process can be found and measured at the close of the project. Ion/Apex will:

  • Meet or beat the agreed upon construction schedule.
  • Perform the services for the agreed upon price.
  • Meet or exceed all applicable codes and standards.
  • And our EMT couplings will match.

If you are planning a project, or need help in any way, please contact us.

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