Employee Co-Op

Ion/Apex Emplyee Cooperative LLC.

Ion/Apex Electric is privately owned company currently disturbing dividends to our employees through an employee owned and operated Ion/Apex Employee Cooperative LLC. Upon working 2000 hours for Ion/Apex Electric each employee can apply for membership to the Ion/Apex Employee Cooperative LLC. The applying employee selects an advocate (any Ion/Apex Employee Cooperative LLC member in good standing) to present his credentials to the Board of Directors of the cooperative. Upon hearing from the advocate and reviewing the information presented the Board of Directors uses a voting process to determine membership.

Each year members vote to determine the makeup of the Board. Elected Board members determine the officers of the Board and the President of the Ion/Apex Employee Cooperative LLC is a member of the Ion/Apex Electric Executive Advisory Committee.

You can follow the Ion/Apex Employee Cooperative LLC on Facebook to learn more about scheduled meetings, elections, committees, and provide your input and ideas. For more information regarding the Ion/Apex Employee Cooperative LLC Articles of Incorporation, click here.

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