We do not provide jobs, we develop individuals and establish careers.

Within the Ion/Apex Electric organization, all individuals who duties involve the installations of electrical equipment and/or systems are declared an apprentice until the individual obtains a Kentucky electrical journeymen or master license. Certified instructors and/or mentoring journeymen electricians, Foreman and Field Superintendents, oversee and provide quality control for all installations conducted by apprentices. While the primary responsibilities of Foreman and Field Superintendents is to manage the overall project, certified instructors and/or mentoring journeymen electricians are primarily responsible for the installations and training, and the advancement of apprentices.

However the apprenticeship program only represents 4 to 6 years of an electrician’s 30 - 40 year career. Ion/Apex Electric provides one of the most structured OJT segment of any apprenticeship program. However, it is the continual career development, after becoming a journeyman, which makes an Ion/Apex Electric employee unique.

At Ion/Apex Electric we do not provide jobs, we develop individuals and establish careers. We do not employee workers; we develop, train, and engage Craftsman. We are not interested in those only wanting a job; we employee and are looking for individuals who want a career. Obtaining your electrical license, knowing your craft, knowing the NEC, and obtaining your OSHA 30 card are only bare essential on which continual professional and career development is built.

This culture shift requires commitment from Ion/Apex and each employee. Every year we budget, earmark, and spend thousands of dollars for training and career development. Our HR department is expected to have a formal career path established for every employee of Ion/Apex Electric. Development cannot take place without the transfer and accumulation of information, and this transfer and accumulation depends on the availability and commitment to training and learning.

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