Project Videos

Using photos and video technology

Using video technology to capture our growth and progress wasn’t taken into consideration until needing a means to celebrate during the year end celebration, award, and appreciation dinner. When developing the website a commitment was made to continue using this technology in a more professional manner and an effective means to communicate.

Over time the video library will grow as we explore this communication strategy and determine best practices for video content planning and creation. All photos and videos shown throughout this site, depicting projects and/or workers, are projects completed by Ion/Apex Electric with Ion/Apex Employees. In cases where the photo and/or video depicts an overall site and or building in which Ion/Apex Electric completed a project within, we noted the project. Please be advised these images and videos are the property of Ion/Apex Electric and cannot be copied and/or shared without written consent from Ion/Apex Electric. For customers, general contractors and fellow subcontractors who also worked on these projects we will gladly provide aforementioned written consent.

This site will continue to be refreshed and renewed with current data. We hope that you visit often. Your input would be welcome and most helpful.

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